Fresh Pure Butter


Each pack of our raw butter is handmade. Our farmers make our butter by churning just the cream taken from raw, whole milk. The milk is from our cattle that are fed on organic pastures.


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Fresh Pure Butter

Butter is a natural product that has been a valuable food around the World for thousands of years. It naturally contains a range of important nutrients, especially the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K2. Natural butter is a wonderful food to include in a healthy diet.

Each pack of our raw butter is handmade. Our farmers make our butter by churning just the cream taken from organic, raw, whole milk. The milk is from our herd of cows who feast on our organic pastures until the grass stops growing then they are fed on our homemade silage (pickled grass). As with any animal product, we at Harvest believe the quality of life and the diet of the animal makes a huge difference to the food value when we eat it.

Our milk and cream comes from pasture-raised cows that are not treated with the artificial growth hormone or antibiotics, and the cream in our butter is also Non-GMO.

Don’t run away from butter, trust us Embrace it!

Unsalted butter is one of the best fats to cook with for a rich flavor and creamy texture.

It is healthier to eat a balanced diet with healthy saturated fat, which is why more and more people are coming back around to our favorite tried-and-true natural cooking fat: butter.

Whether to put in sauces or on top of steaks, in tea, salads, to fry little pieces of fish or any meat, to sauté vegetables, to caramelized onions everything is better with butter.

Unsalted butter is one of the best fats to cook with for a rich flavor and creamy texture. Using pure unsalted butter in your dishes can help raise your “good” cholesterol levels, as well as impart your dishes with tons of good fat-soluble vitamins, like vitamins A and E.

Butter is rich in the most easily absorbable form of Vitamin A necessary for thyroid and adrenal health. It contains lauric acid, important in treating fungal infection. Contains lecithin, essential for cholesterol metabolism. It has anti-oxidants that protect against weakening arteries.

Butter is a great source of Vitamins E and K.

Saturated fats in butter have strong anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties.

Butter contains conjugated linoleic acid, which is a potent anti-cancer agent, muscle builder, and immunity booster.

Vitamin D found in butter is essential to absorption of calcium. Butter protects against tooth decay.

It is a source of iodine in highly absorbable form. It may promote fertility in women.9Is a source of quick energy.

Cholesterol found in butterfat is essential to children’s brain and nervous system development.

Contains Arachidonic Acid (AA), which plays a role in brain function and is a vital component of cell membranes.

Butter protects against gastrointestinal infections in the very young or the elderly.

Butter should be kept refrigerated below 40F to protect against rancidity. Reducing exposure to oxygen and light by storing butter tightly wrapped and in a dark place (such as a refrigerator) will also delay rancidity. Keeping butter tightly wrapped is also important to protect it from absorbing rogue flavors.

At refrigerated temperatures, butter will stay fresh for up to four months. Butter can also be frozen and kept fresh for up to a year. At room temperature, the length of freshness will depend on the butter’s exposure to light and oxygen, but butter will generally stay fresh for several days unrefrigerated. Covering butter in a ceramic dish or butter bell will help preserve freshness

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