Shilajit is known as the “Destroyer of Weakness and the Conqueror of Mountains.” It is thought to be one of the most popular herbs in the traditional Indian system of Ayurveda medicine. Shilajit does wonders for those who want to increase their physical performance. It improves recovery after a workout, increases stamina, improves physical weakness as well as brain functioning. It may even promote natural strength gain and muscle mass. It can also be used as a mood stabilizer and has anti-ageing properties. It also helps fight bacterial infections and strengthens the immune system. It is also useful in tissue regeneration, maintaining healthy sugar levels and as a cognitive enhancer.

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Shilajit is the king of all ancient medicines used to treat many curable diseases. It is found in mountains of Gilgit Baltistan, Tibet and Chitral.

Taste and Color

Shilajit is a thick, sticky tar-like substance with a colour ranging from white to dark brown (the latter is more common). iIs tastes extremely bitter and earthy with a peculiar smell.

How is Shilajit Harvested?

Shilajit is often found in between cracks of large rocks. It occurs naturally after an organic matter dies and mixes with microbial metabolites and minerals from different sources (soil, water, etc.). After fermentation period, they naturally come out of the rocks due to the sun’s heat, and this is when they are harvested. They are manually scraped from the rocks and then processed to remove impurities. The outcome is a homogeneous paste-like material in dark brown to black in color. It appears glossy with a bitter taste and a peculiar smell.

Benefits of Shilajit

Mood Stabilizer

Shilajit is a great mood stabilizer and helps to reduce anxiety. Studies show that shilajit produced similar results to that of Xanax, without any of the side effects associated with prescription drugs.

Cures Stress, Depression And Anxiety

For those who suffer from depression, their zinc level is likely to be low. Shilajit boosts a lot of natural zinc, which is also required by more than 300 enzymes in our body. We don’t get enough zinc in a modern diet, and our bodies are not able to store much of it either. Hence, we need a small, but regular supply of this metal to stay healthy.
Two additional important elements are magnesium and potassium. Both of these minerals lower blood pressure, muscle tension and heart rate. Together with zinc, this may be a great solution to relieve stress and anxiety. For some of us, it works as a natural and healthy replacement for prescription drugs or antidepressants.

Antioxidant And Anti-ageing Properties

Shilajitserves as a natural anti-oxidant, containing more than 85 minerals in their ionic form. They assist in inhibiting lipid peroxidation and reducing glutathione. Consuming shalijit prevents the free radicals that cause oxidization in our blood. It also promotes cellular respiration which helps immensely with anti-aging.The fulvic acid in shilajit delivers antioxidants and minerals directly to cells where they are most required. This keeps them safe against free radical damage and accelerated aging.

The minerals contained in shalijit help to keep the immune system strong and diseases away. Shilajit’s antioxidant activity protects against cellular damage, and it’s this cellular damage that speeds the aging process in your heart, lungs, liver, and skin. Recent studies found that shilajit contained an ORAC index between 50 and 500, this is substantially higher than berries, which are known as a great antioxidant food.

Helps fight Cancer

Fascinatingly, shilajit has been found to be toxic to various of types of cancers, including lung, breast, colon, ovarian and liver cancer. Some researchers attribute its toxicity to these cancer to the presence and combination of heavy metals in the substance, making it a potential natural cancer treatment.
Also related to cancer is the ability shilajit has to protect certain body systems from dangerous radiation damage. A June 2016 study published in the Archives of Gynaecology and Obstetrics found that it greatly protected ovaries from radiation-related damage.

Helps Fight Alcohol Addiction And Withdrawal

Shilajit had comparable results to the prescription medication Xanax when it was tested for treating anxiety caused by alcohol withdrawal. Consuming shilajit showed a significant reduction in stress levels without producing any side effects and helped reduce alcohol addiction.

Improves The Immune System

Shiliajit is a nonspecific immune stimulator. It regenerates the immune system, boosts overall immune system functioning and restores the immune system to its natural rhythm.

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Shilajit has shown to the repair and regenerate the cells of the pancreas. This leads to improved blood sugar levels in those suffering from diabetes. It helps in maintaining healthy glucose levels therefore keeping diabetes in control.

Improves Brain Function

Shilajit has been used to help in increasing mental functioning. It has effects on both learning ability and memory. Science has supported this by establishing that shalijit was able to slow down the natural degeneration of neurons in your nervous system.

Researchers have identified that there is a special effect created by small molecules contained in shilajitcalled dibezno-alpha-pyrones. These molecules prevent the breakdown of the brain chemicals needed for memory. Other studies report the fulvic acid in shilajit appears to help against some causes of Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy and nervous disorders.

The numerous compounds found in shilajit may be helpful for brain function, and may even aid Alzheimer’s therapy.
A study in the International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease noted that shilajit is traditionally used for longevity and to slow aging. The compounds in it may help control cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s.
Researchers expect shilajit to have an impact in preventing cognitive disorders, but more research is needed to explore these possibilities.

Tissue Repair And Regeneration

Studies have shown that shilajit has incredible regenerative effects. It has shown its abilityto be able to restore the human body to its natural healthy state. Given its type of chemical composition, it is a useful anti-inflammatory agent. Shilajit helps with addressing tissue damage and accelerates healing. It has also been shown to protect neurons and help increase muscle mass after activity.In a study it was demonstrated that consuming shilajit doubled the healing time of broken bones in the test subjects. It was used as an anabolic agent by the soviet sports and military because of the wide spread results it had shown when it came to healing muscle and bone tissues. There is initial evidence that it helps bones regenerate, protecting from and slowing the process of osteoporosis. In a study of obese patients published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, supplementation greatly improved the function and regeneration of skeletal muscles.

Protects The Heart

A recent study using animal as subjects tested how well shilajit protected the heart. The animals who received the herb showed less cardiovascular damage. Researchers concluded that this effect must have come from more than simply its anti-oxidant activity.


  • It is important to note that shilajit may reduce blood pressure in some cases and should not be taken by anyone who has an active heart condition.

Improves Fertility

Shilajit is the main ingredient in Ayurveda for treating low libido and sexual performance in a natural way and is known as the Indian Viagra.Shilajit works wonders for improving the male sexual function. A study gave 60 men suffering from infertility shilajit twice daily for 90 days. At the end of the test period, sperm counts in the men had increased by more than 60%, and sperm activity had improved by 12% or more. This proves what Ayurvedic doctors had identified centuries ago. It is a great natural supplement for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.Any man dealing with infertility problems should try this safe, natural alternative to address his condition

Cures Anaemia

Anaemia develops when the blood does not have enough healthy cells or haemoglobin. There are many causes of anaemia, including iron deficiency.
Iron deficiency anaemia can cause numerous symptoms in the body, including:

  • irregular heartbeat
  • fatigue and weakness
  • cold hands and feet
  • headache

Shilajit contains high levels of humic acid and iron, which may be helpful in treating iron deficiency anaemia. It is important to explore this option with a doctor before taking supplements, however.


Carrying extra weight can tire the muscles and put stress on the bones. A study in the Journal of Medicinal Food noted that people who were obese who took an oral supplement of purified shilajit responded better to exercise than those who did not.
Researchers noted that the shilajit seemed to activate genes in the body that helped the skeletal muscles quickly adapt to the new workout. This could mean less fatigue and more strength over time.

Promotes Testosterone Levels Naturally

A man needs high testosterone levels to protect muscle tissue, keep fat off, and to maintain a better overall mood. Men who take shilajit not only increase the number and health of a man’s ‘swimmers’ but also help to boost their testosterone levels.

Enhances Performance

The nutrients contained in shilajit act at the cellular level to improve energy production at its source, the mitochondria. When your cells are nourished like this, you feel more alive, your recover faster, and you have plenty of energy to get you through the day. Taking shilajit helps to increases physical strength and endurance. It reduces both physical and mental stress and fatigue. It generally helps you to feel better and have more energy.

Helps In Altitude Sickness

One of the claims made by traditional practitioners is that shilajit can help alleviate altitude sickness. The changes in pressure at high altitudes can greatly affect some people. Symptoms of altitude sickness range from body pain and fatigue to lung congestion and low oxygen in the brain.
Shilajit is a complex substance that contains more than 80 different minerals, as well as fulvic acid and humic acid. Because of this broad spectrum of beneficial components, shilajit is thought to help reduce many symptoms of altitude sickness.
It may help improve the brain’s cognitive processes, boost the immune system, and reduce inflammation, all of which could lessen altitude sickness.

Skin Care And Wrinkles

Manganese slows down the aging of the skin and the development of wrinkles. It also improves the tensile strength and elasticity of the skin.
Copper makes skin healthier by promoting collagen. It is a protein produced by the cells to ‘hold’ the skin together, promoting skin regeneration and reducing wrinkles. Deficiency of copper is also linked to depigmentation of the skin.
Silicon is another important component of collagen formation as well as one of the most abundant trace minerals in Shilajit. Without collagen, your skin would perpetually sag!
Organic selenium and zinc have a general role in normal skin development and function. They protect skin from UV radiation, providing a safe and effective means to reduce UVR exposure. People with a lack of these elements may have skin abnormalities.
To use Shilajit for the skin, you can apply it externally like a cream or ingest it internally to promote collagen production. Though there is little scientific evidence to warrant oral or topical supplementation for the skin, there are many anecdotal reports claiming major success!

Helps In Regrowth Of Hair.

Shilajit can enrich your shower soap with a variety of needed elements that our modern diet simply doesn’t supply.
One of the important metals is copper. It may calm your scalp and help hair growth. Copper also may increase your hair’s natural pigmentation.Manganese, selenium, and zinc play an important role in healthy skin, including the scalp.
To be most effective, you should take shilajit internally as well as mixing it with your shampoo or shower gel.

Other Benefits

Adding shilajit to our diet has numerous other benefits as well. It helps to treat high blood pressure, gastritis, hemorrhoids, constipation and indigestion. It is also used for treating bronchitis and asthma related problems.Shilajit is also helpful in the treatment of arthritis, joint pains and reduces inflammation. It is also useful in protecting the liver, pancreas and thyroid gland. It also helps to detoxify the body and remove toxins thereby treating urinary and kidney stone problems. It helps to increase blood circulation and helps treat anemia and ulcers. It is also beneficial to increase metabolism and as a natural weight loss supplement.

To consume, dissolve a pea size portion of shilajit in non-chlorinated water, tea or warm milk. You can also dissolve it under your tongue or swallow it. It is recommended to start with a rice or pea sized piece, twice to thrice a week for age 3 years till 50 years for general wellbeing. (Men or women)
The general dosage to consume shilajit is 250mg for adults. If you consume 250mg thrice a week. you can use 5gm for 6 weeks. Consume it with breakfast. In warm water/tea/milk. Add a bit honey as it’s bitter in taste. Never consume it on an empty stomach nor at night.

Shilajit is the king of all ancient medicines used to treat many curable diseases. The plant contains over 80 minerals that support the body and these minerals have an incredible effect on our health. These include the richest source of all types of minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients. Shilajit contains several potent substances including antioxidants, humic and fulvic acid. It contains a wide variety of components, each of which may be responsible for some of its many benefits. A few of these include: eldagic acid, triterpenes, sterols, aromatic carboxylic acids, 3,4-benzocoumarins, amino acids, polyphenols, phenolic lipids, polysaccharides, lignins, dibenzo-α-pyrones (this one acts as a carrier of the other components).

Shilajit is known as the “Destroyer of Weakness and the Conqueror of Mountains.” It is thought to be one of the most popular herbs in the traditional Indian system of Ayurveda medicine. Shilajit does wonders for those who want to increase their physical performance. It improves recovery after a workout, increases stamina, improves physical weakness as well as brain functioning.It may even promote natural strength gain and muscle mass. It can also be used as a mood stabilizer and has anti-ageing properties. It also helps fight bacterial infections and strengthens the immune system. It is also useful in tissue regeneration, maintaining healthy sugar levels and as a cognitive enhancer.

Over many millions of years, plants and organic matter were trapped by layers of rock in mountainous regions of India, Tibet and Pakistan. The pressure from the weight of the mountains and the extreme temperature changes causes the plants to be transformed into a rich mineral mass that flows out of the rocks. This plant matter found in the Himalayan Mountains during the summer is in the form of a blackish brown semisolid mass and is known as shilajit.

Over 3,000 years ago, shilajit was mentioned in ancient Sanskrit texts. Known as “conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness,” it has been one of the staples of traditional medicine (and an aphrodisiac) in a variety of Asian countries for thousands of years. Vaidya Charak, a famous ancient Indian in the first century A.D., is quoted as saying, “There is hardly any curable disease which cannot be controlled or cured with the aid of shilajit.”

If used in the right way and dosage, Shilajit is not associated with any serious side effects.

In cases where someone takes iron supplements along with Shilajit, it could lead to building up of an excess iron in the blood, as Shilajit contains a pretty high amount of iron.

In very rare cases, it could aggravate gout or lower the blood pressure. But apart from those three cases, Shilajit is perfectly safe even in higher than normal quantities.

Side effects from Shilajit may be indicative of a low-quality Shilajit, or something that claims to be Shilajit but is not really so.
Be aware that many Shilajit supplements on the market aren’t exactly what they’re reported to be. Some of these contain fertilizer. Others contain toxic heavy metals. Be sure you’re getting the right stuff.

Possible fulvic acid side effects may similarly occur, if taken in an isolated form, as it’s not in the same arrangement that a real Shilajit will be in.

For many, Shilajit is best taken with food to minimize any lightheadedness that can occur.
However, it’s always a good idea to listen to your body and stop taking Shilajit if you notice symptoms of an allergic reaction, which may include nausea, dizziness, increased heart rate, itchiness etc.

Keep in mind that this counts for everything we ingest and there were no reported cases of severe allergic reactions to Shilajit.
Of course, it’s always best to talk to your physician before taking any supplements, especially in cases where you already take prescribed drugs.

If you take a very high dose, Shilajit might increase uric acid levels which in turn can lead to increased bile levels resulting in more problems. However, this happens only when a very large dose is administrated.

It is important to note that Shilajit may reduce blood pressure in some cases and should not be taken by anyone who has an active heart condition.

Shilajit is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women.

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