Our Story

The organic raw food that our forefathers used to have in their daily life is replaced now with unhealthy & unhygienic food which is destroying us and our future generations. We want to create healthy eating habits in all individuals in Pakistan, which are affordable and easily available. In today’s era the basic needs are being replaced with processed foods and adulterated food needs which have no benefits attached to it. We have made a mission on providing organic food to everyone at their doorsteps.

In Pakistan the resources are very limited for organic food supplies. For a healthier lifestyle of the people of Pakistan, it is necessary to introduce an easier approach for the people.

Harvest is established to provide the healthy life every person deserves, to supply quality organic food and natural product and the desire to make healthy food and ingredients affordable for everyone.

Harvest was established in November 2017, inspired on nature, when our team decided to travel to the undiscovered rural areas of Pakistan. Connecting the Southern region of Pakistan from Quetta, Okara, Sarghoda, to the Northen Region, Islamabad-Peshawer-Gilgit-Chitral-Ashtore-Naltar Valley-Hunza Valley crossing the Karakoram Highway till China Border discovering the secrets of a longer healthy life in terms of environment and food. This idea persuaded them towards finding and buying the fine quality, organic and raw products in their daily life and providing a healthy life to Pakistan at their doorstep.